Aeroplan Starbucks bonus

Convert Aeroplan points to Starbucks Stars & receive 150 bonus Stars

Aeroplan has a launched a new promotion with Starbucks where you’ll receive bonus Stars for converting your Aeroplan points to the coffee chain’s loyalty program.

The 150 bonus Stars offer

Aeroplan members who convert points to Starbucks Stars by December 31 will earn 150 bonus stars. The standard conversion rates are 1,000 points to 200 Stars with a minimum redemption of 1,000 points.

Is there value in this redemption?

We value Aeroplan points at a minimum of 1.5 cents a piece, so 1,000 points are worth at least $15. 350 Starbucks Stars can easily bring in nearly $25 of value if redeemed at the 50 Star level for venti coffees or pastries that run around the $3.50 mark. This means you would be receiving nearly 2.5 cents per Aeroplan point. That’s not a bad deal at all.

If you convert more than 1,000 points your per point value will diminish as you only receive a flat 150 bonus Stars regardless of how many points your transfer. Also, if you choose to redeem for other Starbucks items, such as 150 Stars for a hand crafted drink you will also bring your value down. Most 150 Star drinks run in the $5.00-$6.00 range so you might receive upwards of $15 in value for the 350 Stars.

Ultimately value is in the eye of the beholder. We always preach that any redemption that makes you happy is a good redemption. If converting Aeroplan points to Stars makes you happy then you have received good value. Or you can even think about it this way: perhaps you are someone who only has 1,000 points in your Aeroplan account and know you will never earn enough points for a meaningful flight, so an offer like this is perfect for you.

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Earn even more Points & Stars

Don’t forget that if you have a TD Aeroplan card such as the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card you can earn 50% more Aeroplan Points and 50% more Stars at participating Starbucks stores when you link that payment card to your Starbucks Rewards account

Image via Aeroplan