Clash of the Reward Charts! Amex Membership Rewards vs. CIBC Aventura

Welcome to another Rewards Canada Clash! Today’s match up doesn’t have us comparing credits cards head to head in our typical fashion where we compare all the benefits, earning etc. Instead, we have our third Clash of the Reward Charts! This is where we take the reward chart from two credit card issuers or reward programs and compare them against each other!

In this clash we have the American Express Membership Rewards Fixed Points for Travel chart going up against the CIBC Aventura Airline Rewards chart in the RC Arena. When comparing reward charts it really comes down to a few simple factors – the earn rates, the redemption rates and the value offered between the two. It is absolutely critical you do this value comparison- you cannot look at one or the other on their own and make a decision or claim that one of the reward charts is better.

Continue on to the main RC Arena to see who wins this Clash! 


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