The best credit cards to use at Loblaw grocery stores

You’re a dedicated Loblaw family of grocery stores shopper. Whether its Loblaws, Zehrs, No Frills, Superstore or one of their other numerous brands, you’re there. It’s your go to grocery store. And like many Loblaws shoppers you have their PC World Elite Mastercard, You have it just because you shop there and their credit card must be the best option for their own stores right? Well, unfortunately in many cases it is not, especially so if you are a mid to high range spender on groceries.

If we look at the Canadian market as a whole the most rewarding cards for grocery purchases are the American Express Cobalt Card and the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card. However that becomes an issue with the Loblaw family of grocery stores as they don’t accept American Express Cards.

Naturally, with their locations not accepting American Express you would think that their own PC Financial cards would be the best to use at their stores but that’s only true for some. The same things happens with Costco. Their own CIBC Costco card is not the best to use at Costco warehouses!

Now you may be asking, what are the best cards to use for Loblaw purchases if their own card isn’t the best and they don’t accept American Express? That’s a great question and you’ll find out with this newest feature on the main RWRDS Canada site!

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