AIR MILES Shops: Earn 3x miles sitewide for your online shopping

AIR MILES has a Valentine’s Day offer for shopping online via AIR MILES Shops. This promotion is available until February 12 and offers 3x miles sitewide on eligible purchases. An eligible purchase is one that will earn at least one base AIR MILES Reward Mile. Most partners will require at least a $20 purchase thus you will be earning at least 1 AIR MILES Reward Miles per dollar spent.

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You’ll also earn any additional multipliers that the individual retailers may be offering. For example, right now you can earn 5x miles for H&M purchases. If you spend $200 that would mean you would earn the 3x the base miles for 30 miles (3 x 10) plus 5x the base miles for 50 miles (5 x 10) for 80 AIR MILES Reward miles in total.

Plus you can earn points/miles with the end retailers loyalty program on top of this. Whether it’s Indigo Plum Rewards, Sephora Beauty Insider, or any other programs you’ll earn those as well.

Looking to earn even more AIR MILES? You can earn 800 AIR MILES Bonus Miles with the no fee BMO AIR MILES®† MasterCard®*