Earn 100 bonus miles when you shop online via AIR MILES Shops

AIR MILES has launched a new promotion for shopping online via AIR MILES Shops that offers 100 bonus miles. This offer is available until April 20  2023.

The 100 bonus miles offer:

  • Get 100 Bonus Miles when you spend $100 or more site wide in one transaction

Exclusions do apply to some retailers (ie gift card purchases and certain Apple products via the Apple Store) and it does not apply to purchases or signups made at the following stores: Disney+, Wealthsimple, and Amazon Music Unlimited (free trial offer)

You can stack this bonus with other bonuses – for example at the time of posting this you could earn 5x miles for lululemon purchases. So if you spend $100 before taxes and shipping with lululemon you would earn 25 miles for the purchase with the 5x miles plus you receive the 100 bonus miles for the bonus of spending $100 at one store for a total of 125 miles.

Remember you can also earn the retailer’s rewards currency as well by logging in once you are that retailers site (ie Indigo Plum Rewards, Sephora Insider etc.) And don’t forget to use your rewards credit card while your at it to rack up even more miles or points or cash back or whatever rewards you like to earn.

Wrapping it up

After all the hubbub in early March regarding the bankruptcy of AIR MILES’ parent company the loyalty program seems to have returned to an ‘all is normal’ vibe with their offers, promotions and general earn and burn in the program. What I haven’t seen or heard is how active members really are with these offers. Have many taken a back seat or are they utilizing the program just as they were prior to the big news?

For me I am not going out of my way to earn miles (not that I really did prior to the news) but will swipe my card if I am shopping at an AIR MILES partner. For example over the weekend in a rural Alberta town I filled up at Shell so naturally I did provide my AIR MILES number for that purchase. I’d love to hear what you are doing! Let us know in the comments below.

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Image via AIR MILES