Aeroplan further extends the pause on points expiry to September 2024

Air Canada Aeroplan has announced a further extension on the pause of points expiry to September 2024. The airline first paused points expiry during the pandemic and even as the world began to emerge from Aeroplan continued to extend the pause. The last extension was until May 31, 2023 but with today’s news they will further extend it to September 2024.

This means that, between now and September 29, 2024, any Aeroplan points which would have expired will not. Effective September 30, 2024, our normal expiration policy will once again apply, and points will expire if an eligible transaction has not been completed prior to this date

Aeroplan point expiry is in fact only an inactivity rule – that is you need to have some sort of activity in your Aeroplan account once every 18 months. That can be earning or redeeming points. Also, if you have a Aeroplan co-brand credit card your points will remain intact. You will want to make sure you have that activity by September 29, 2024 because if you don’t you’ll lose those points on September 30, 2024.

Click here to learn more about the extension of the pause on points expiry.

Image via Air Canada