Receive a 25% bonus when you buy or gift Marriott Bonvoy points

A buy points bonus for
Marriott Bonvoy has returned and this time it is a flat rate offer. All
members will receive 25% extra points when they buy 2,000 or more
points in one transaction. This is one of the lowest bonuses we have
seen from Marriott for buying points in quite sometime. Over the past
couple years the bonuses have typically been running in the 40 to 55%
range. Still if you are in a spot where you require some extra points
for a redemption now would be the time to buy since you’ll earn some
additional points.

The 25% bonus points:

Receive a 25% Bonus when you buy or gift 2,000 or more Marriott
Bonvoy Points. The annual limit of points that can be bought per member
is 100,000 during this promotion. Valid until Sep 15, 22  Click here to buy Marriott Bonvoy Points.

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