Plaza Premium introduces a Canadian Lounge Pass offering up to 10 visits and up to 50% off walk up fees

Plaza Premium has introduced a new lounge access pass for their Canadian lounges
in Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. The new PPL Pass Canada can be purchased with 5 or 10 visits that will save you up to 50% off the walk up rates for these lounges. 

Canadian Lounge Access

This pass will provide you with access to Plaza Premium Lounges (going West to East here)
in Vancouver (4 lounges),  Edmonton (2 lounges), Winnipeg (1 lounge),
Toronto (6 lounges) and Montreal (1 lounge). These include the new T3
lounge in YYZ, the pre-security concept lounge at YYZ and YUL’s Air
France Lounge.

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Costs, Savings & Points

The new PPL Pass Canada is priced as follows

  • 5 visits at USD 151
  • 10 visits at USD 288

For the 5 visits pass this works out to US$30.20 per visit and for the 10 visits pass it is US$28.80 per pass. This works out cheaper than the US$32 per visit that most credit cards with the Mastercard TravelPass by DragonPass or Visa Airport Companion have. Of course, if your card has free lounge visits that’s a different story but you may want to look at this pass for additional
guests or family members.

If you are a member of Plaza Premium’s Smart Traveller program (it’s free so you really should join) you will earn 450 Arrture points for the 5 visit pass and 1,000 Arrture points for the 10 visit pass.

pass is valid for 12 months so do only buy one if you know you’ll use up the visits in that time but do know that they are also transferable/sharable.

If you don’t require 5 or 10 visits you can also check out the PPL Pass Americas which provides 2 visits to any of their lounges in North or South America. This pass costs US$65 so you are looking at US$32.50 per visit. 

Click here for more details and/or to buy this pass.


Images via Plaza Premium