Lounge Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – Vancouver International Airport Transborder

Today we are pleased to present the latest Rewards Canada Business
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Recently I was able to take an excellent vacation with my family to Honolulu, Hawaii. As part of the trip we got to check out the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in the US transborder terminal at Vancouver International Airport. The lounge is located between gates E85 and E86 which is less than a 10 minute walk after clearing customs and security.

As an Air Canada Super Elite member, I was allowed to take my immediate family plus one additional guest into the lounge. We checked into the lounge at around 7 am. The lounge was pretty empty at this time and there were plenty of seats available for us to choose from. Part of the lounge is an open-air space, where you could hear people from outside the lounge downstairs. 

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The lounge has different sections. There was a section with private workspaces with cubicle-type desks and an entertainment area with a reclining sofa to watch TV. The snacks and beverages section was located in the middle of the lounge. There are sofa chairs by the windows where you have direct views of the planes at the gate. Here are some views of the various sections of the lounge:


There was no hot food option during breakfast at this time. However, it
is listed on the a la carte menu that it is available starting at 10:00

There was a grab-and-go snack option: muffins, cookies, fresh fruit, yogurts, etc. You can grab coffee at their coffee machine, tea, and water bottles.

The washroom was a bit small, with only one stall available for the men’s restroom. There was a line of four people waiting to use the one stall when I went in there.

Wrapping it up

The lounge got a bit busy closer to 8 and with no hot food we left to grab something more substantial at the food court. Overall, If hot food were available during our visit, it would have been a great lounge to remain and rest at before our flight.

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How to access this lounge:

are several ways you can access the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in
Vancouver International Airport’s Transborder Terminal. The following have
access to the lounge: 

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