Targeted TD Rewards offer: 3x points when you make your first ever Expedia For TD booking (up to 27 points per dollar)


One of our readers alerted us to this amazing targeted offer that TD has sent out to select holders of their TD Rewards credit card holders. Be sure to check your in box for the offer and also be sure to read the terms as our reader did since the main message of the email doesn’t provide the complete details!

The offer provides 3x points when you use your proprietary TD Rewards credit card (First Class Travel, Platinum, TD Rewards, TD Business Travel) to make a purchase with Expedia For TD. This means cardholders can earn anywhere from 6 to 27 points per dollar spent. The top end is for the TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite* Card which awards 9 points per dollar for online Expedia for TD purchases thus with the bonus works out to 27 points per dollar. That’s an amazing 13.5% return on those purchases if you then redeem the points for future travel via Expedia For TD! This offer is only available until May 31 for travel until October 31 and it is targeted – you need to check your email to see if you have received it and then opt in for the offer. 

There is one big catch to this offer however which is only listed in the terms and conditions – it only applies to those who have never made an Expedia For TD purchase before. This has to be your first time ever booking:

Our reader who received the offer has booked many times with Expedia For
TD so it was interesting that he received it. He did get excited as he
was going to make a big purchase of multiple airline tickets but once he
read the terms he shifted and decided that he will book direct with the

Wrapping it up

This is an amazing offer from TD for booking travel via Expedia For TD. If you do happen to receive it and have never booked before you should definitely consider taking advantage of it should you have any upcoming travel planned. Remember this is any travel booked via Expedia For TD, it can be flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and so on.

Images via TD as supplied by a Rewards Canada reader