Receive a 100% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards Points by April 14

We see the return of an IHG Rewards’ buy points bonus flash sale this week.  This time it is a flat 100% bonus for all members who  purchase 5,000 or more points at a time.For this promotion they have not raised the annual limit of points that
you can buy which means you can buy 150,000 points (not including the bonus)

Buying 150,000 points (300,000 total with bonus) costs US$1,500 which
means each point will only cost you 0.5 cents (US$).  However you don’t have
to buy that many to get in on that lowest price, the 0.5 US cents per
points kicks in when you buy at least 26,000 points. We don’t encourage
buying points just because there is a bonus but if you can foresee a
potential use for them in the next 4-6 months it can definitely be
worthwhile to buy them.

Offer Details

Up to a 100% bonus when you buy 5,000 or more IHG Rewards Points. Bonus varies by member. Buy Points hereUntil Apr 14, 22