Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Student Program offers flight discounts and bonus miles

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
has a special program for students (both
in Turkey & abroad) that provides discounts on Turkish Airlines
flights, bonus Miles&Smiles miles and more. The program doesn’t
state what level of student you have to be, I would assume college or
university but who knows maybe high school and even lower grades of
students can join as well. You have to upload proof of being a student
like a student card or other document if you are not a Turkish citizen
or not studying in Turkey. With Turkish Airlines flying to and from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canadian students should take note of this program!

Here is what the student program provides:


20% off domestic flights, up to 10% off international flights and special prices on international one-way flights

Baggage Allowance

40 kg on international flights (2*23 kg on flights implementing Piece
Concept), advantageous excess baggage fees on domestic flights.

Free Ticket Change

One-time free ticket change right for international flights (fare
difference is applied if the new ticket is purchased for a different
fare class).

Miles&Smiles welcome bonus

An extra 1000 Miles for new memberships and 2000 Miles in total

Bonus miles on flights

25% more Miles to be earned from all flights by the end of 2022

How to join

If you are a Turkish citizen or are studying in Turkey you can register automatically as a student:

  • Create your Miles&Smiles membership or log-in to your account.
  • Enter “Personal Details”, select “Student” from “Discount Types’’ and click ‘’Save’’ button.
  • Upon the system’s approval, your account will be defined as a student account.

If you are not studying in Turkey or not a Turkish citizen you need to complete a student application form

  • Click here,
    then select, “I am a Miles&Smiles member” and “New Feedback”, and
    select “Student Registration Form” from the “Application”.

  • Enter the information requested, including your name, surname, date of birth and your Miles&Smiles membership number.

  • Upload your student card or document.
  • Upon the system’s approval, your account will be defined as a student account.

Wrapping it up

No matter where in the world you are, if you are a student you should
join this program, even if you don’t have any plans on flying Turkish
Airlines just yet. As it appears it will take some time to process your application you
want to make sure you do have it in place should you make plans to
fly on Turkish in the future!

Click here to learn more and to join the Miles&Smiles Student program.


Images via Turkish Airlines