More Rewards Points Extravaganza – thousands of bonus points up for grabs!

Another big promotion from More Rewards following quickly on the heels of last week’s special grocery redemption offer. This time it is the return of their Points Extravaganza with tons of bonus points for shopping at Save-On Foods and 20x points for earning points with select More Rewards partners.

The first part of the promotion are the bonuses available for shopping at Save-On Foods. It’s advertised as earn over 45,000 points but I think to earn that you’d have to buy a lot of different items and have a very big spend to get that many points. Nonetheless there are a lot of items you can score bonus points on whether it’s 500, 600, 1,000 and so on:

An example of some of the bonus points available at Save-On

For the partner part of the promotion they are awarding up to 20x points (1 base point + 19 bonus) for shopping at their partners like Panago Pizza, More Rewards Travel, Coast Hotels and more. 

A sampling of the 20x points offers

The offers are in place until April 6 so you have a few days to rack up those points but it doesn’t give a lot of time for partners like Coast Hotels or Accent Inns! It would be nice it they provided a bigger window for stays at their hotel partners. 

Click here to learn more about More Rewards Points Extravaganza

I also wanted to provide an update to last weekend’s grocery redemption offer from More Rewards. This is where they had the special redemption rate of 48,000 point for $200 off your grocery bill. This was notable as it almost equal to the best rate of travel redemptions with the program (48,000 = $205 in travel) and I personally did take advantage of it. It was nice to buy $278 in groceries and only be $78 out of pocket. And of course the $78 was put on my Cobalt Card to earn 5x points! More Rewards does run this grocery redemption special several times per year so it is good to take advantage of these bonus points promotions like this one to rack up the points that you can then redeem during the special redemption event. 

Images via More Rewards