Air Canada Aeroplan Accelerate Your Way to Status – Flight bonus extended for travel to Europe

Back at the start of February Air Canada Aeroplan came out with an awesome promotion to earn extra elite status miles, spend and segments for flying, shopping, linking accounts and more. This promotion called Accelerate Your Way status promotion is set to wrap up at the end of this month however one portion of it has just received an extension.

The extended offer – flights to Europe

The flight portion of the promotion awards 100% bonus SQM, SQS, and SQD every time you fly with Air Canada in Economy Standard fares or higher through April 30, 2022. That remains in place except for travel to Europe. Flights to Europe will continue to earn 100% bonus SQM, SQS, and SQD until September 30, 2022

The rest of the offers:

The rest of the offers from this promotion remain the same and available until April 30:

#1. Members can get a one-time bonus of 5,000 SQM, 5 SQS, and $500 SQD when they do any three of the following by April 30, 2022:

  • Link their Aeroplan and Starbucks Rewards;
  • Link their Uber or Uber Eats with your Aeroplan account; 
  • Earn points with the Aeroplan eStore, LCBO, Starbucks, Uber, Uber Eats or a car or hotel booking;
  • Redeem points for any merchandise or gift card at the Aeroplan eStore or for a car or hotel booking;
  • Hold a Core or Premium Aeroplan Co-brand credit card
    through at least April 30, 2022. The entry level credit cards from TD
    and CIBC are ineligible, however the new U.S. Chase co-brand credit card
    does qualify

#2. All Aeroplan Members can get up to 5,000 bonus SQM and 50% bonus SQD
when you purchase an Air Canada Vacations package. (Travel must be
completed by April 30, 2022 and is retroactive to January 1)

Wrapping it up

Air Canada has been placing a lot of focus with promotions on flights to Europe over the past few months. We’ve seen bonus points on paid flights, discounts on Aeroplan award flights and now we see the extension of the 100% bonus SQM, SQS and SQD for those flights to Europe. To me this shows that even though travel has been picking back up significantly, travel to Europe may not be reaching the numbers Air Canada is hoping for. Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic plays a big part of that but I wonder if  competition is also playing a part. We’ve seen sub-$2,000 business class offers from Air France KLM, WestJet advertising their Europe routes like crazy on Twitter and more. Whatever the reason, ultimately these promotions are good for travellers looking to fly to Europe!

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