Earn 7x points when shopping with Apple via the Aeroplan eStore until February 6

Aeroplan has brought back their 7x points offer for shopping online
with Apple! This works for eligible online purchases made via the Aeroplan eStore for delivery to your home or office or even those you
choose to pick up in
store.  This is how I typically do my Apple purchases, buy
online and pick up within 2-3 hours at the Apple store all the

while earning tons of Aeroplan points (plus the points or miles earned
the credit card!)

Good news as well with this latest promotion is the list of excluded items – it has shrunk. There are still some keys items you won’t earn points on like Macbook Pro, the latest iPad and a few others however I noticed all the latest iPhone 13 models are no longer on that list so you if you are in the market for one of these phones you should be able earn a lot points buying one! 

This offer of 7x points runs until
February 6.

Learn more about this offer here.