Rewards Canada Special Offer: Save $10 on your first successful lounge access bid with LoungePair


Earlier in January we updated the Rewards Canada’s Guide to Business Class Lounge Access for 2022 and one of the new additions to the piece were the details on LoungePair. LoungePair is the new startup that allows you to name your own price on single entry business class lounge access at hundreds of lounges around the world including 15+ in Canada. With LoungePair added to the guide we’re happy to let you know that we have now partnered with them!

As part of the partnership Rewards Canada readers who sign up with LoungePair will receive a special first successful bid discount of $10. To receive the discount you have to register with LoungePair via our special Rewards Canada link

Once registered, the discount will be applied on your first bid that accepted by a lounge. For example, if you bid $25 for access to the Domestic Plaza Premium Lounge in Vancouver and it was accepted you would only pay $15 with our special offer discount:

Wrapping it up

Rewards Canada readers will receive a $10 discount on their first successful lounge access bid placed with LoungePair when they sign up via our special link. You can register at any time and the discount will simply be applied when you do make your first successful bid – you don’t have to rush out to actually bid on a lounge if you aren’t travelling just yet.

Click here to learn more and to sign up with LoungePair to receive the offer