A look at the great value provided with the Annual Worldwide Companion Pass from Aeroplan’s Ultra Premium Credit Cards

In this “A look at the value’ post we welcome back Rewards Canada contributor Dee
who delves into the value that can be received from the Annual Worldwide Companion Pass benefit on select Aeroplan co-brand credit cards. This pass is an annual benefit available on four Ultra Premium Air Canada Aeroplan cards and is awarded when the cardholder reaches $25,000 in net purchases prior to the card anniversary date.

The four Ultra Premium Air Canada Aeroplan co-brand cards that have this benefit are the following:

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Once you hit the $25,000 spend requirement to earn the pass you’ll receive the Annual Worldwide Companion Pass up to 10 weeks after you renew the card. Yes, it is awarded after your card anniversary date but is based on your annual spend prior to that date. Once you receive the pass you have one year to redeem it which means you have period of almost two years to actually travel.

The Annual Worldwide Companion Pass essentially provides a second or as titled companion economy class ticket for a flat fee plus whatever the taxes and fees are for the flights you redeem the pass on. Once

The flat fees before any taxes/fees/surcharges are as follows: 

  • $99 Canada/US
  • $299 Sun destinations in Central America (including Hawaii)
  • $499 Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • $599 Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Now let’s dive in to some examples of utilizing this pass across the four price levels and in various fare classes to see what savings it can provide. For informational purposes, Dee has the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card and made the  $25K spending requirement to earn the Annual Worldwide Companion Pass.

Vancouver – Toronto 

A peak summer season trip to Toronto:

Here you can see in this example the companion pass provides $675.15 in savings for these two tickets. This pricing does take into account the $99 fee for travel in Canada.

Vancouver – Honolulu

Christmas 2022 in Hawaii? Yes please!

In this case we are looking at $708.98 in savings and this includes the $299 fee for the companion fare.

Vancouver – Frankfurt

Europe for summer is almost never a cheap time to fly:


Here we have $881.00 in savings after taking into account the $499 fee associated for the companion fare to Europe.

Vancouver – Sydney, Australia

Here we are being hopeful Australia opens to non-Australian residents for travel later this year


Here we have $707.00 in savings after taking into account the $599 companion fare fee for Australia.

Vancouver to Hong Kong

In this final example we have a booking in higher fare class and like we’ve shown in examples for other airlines or even Air Canada’s Buddy Pass – this is where these passes really shine:

The higher fares do cost you more which of course translates to bigger savings for the companion ticket. Here we see $1,559 in savings after taking into account the $599 companion fee. If you are someone who regularly buys the more expensive economy class fares for 2 or more people you definitely want to consider one of these cards for those incredible savings.

Wrapping it up

These four Ultra Premium Aeroplan co-brand cards may cost $599 per year but they provide so much potential value that easily make it worth paying that annual fee. Even if we just look at the Annual Companion Benefit, the savings on those Air Canada flights more than pay for the annual fee alone. Throw in Maple Leaf Lounge access, first checked bags free, airport priority service and more and you can quickly see why it can make sense to carry a $599 card in your wallet.

Rwrds reminder: The Annual Companion Pass isn’t the only benefit that Dee has received from his TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card. Check out how he received An elite status boost and nearly 20,000 bonus points thanks to Aeroplan’s credit card promos