It’s back – you can buy oneworld elite status with Finnair’s latest buy points offer

Finnair has brought back their best ever buy points bonus
and since the airline is part of the oneworld alliance this offer may
be of use to some oneworld flyers. This buy points bonus has two parts
to it – the first is your standard bonus on the points you buy, which in
this case is anywhere from 0% to 100% and the second is the awarding of
elite qualifying tier points on those purchases as well. They’ve also
upped the maximum you can buy this year to 200,000 points from the
previous 150,000. This offer is available until December 27, 2021

That’s where things get interesting – the 25% bonus tier points is on
the entire amount you receive from buying points – that is, the base
amount plus the bonus. So if you buy 160,000 Finnair Plus Points you’ll
end up with 320,000 points and 80,000 Tier Points! Those 80,000 Tier
Points will automatically give you Finnair Plus Gold Status which
provides oneworld Sapphire status. And if you want Platinum, you can
achieve it with this buy points offer. How so? Read on…

A small sampling of Finnair Plus elite status benefits

Let’s say you buy the maximum amount of points allowed in this
promotion which is 200,000. You’ll end up with 400,000 points plus
100,000 tier points. That leaves you needing 50,000 more for Platinum
Status and oneworld Emerald Status. That’s easily achieve as Finnair
Plus is one of a handful of programs around the world that let you
convert award points to Tier Points. That conversion ratio is 3 to 1 in
their program, so you can convert 150,000 of the award points you just
bought  and convert them to 50,000 Tier Points thus giving you 150,000
Tier Points in total and Finnar Plus Platinum Status. And you have
250,000 redeemable points left on top of that. 

Here’s what Emerald status gets you across the oneworld network:


Note the following about
converting points:

A service charge of €10 will be collected for each
online exchange. Please note that you can exchange award points to tier
points once per tracking period online. After that exchange can be made
through our customer service for a service charge of €20.

To buy 200,000 Finnair Plus Points (400,000 in total + 100,000 Tier
Points) it will cost you 2575EUR. So you’ll need to do the math to see
if paying that much is worth it to get oneworld Emerald status and keep
in mind you’ll have those redeemable points to use as well.

Click here to learn more about this offer.


Points purchased Award point bonus Tier point bonus
1,000–4,000 points 0% 25%
5,000–49,000 points 40% 25%
50,000–99,000 points 60% 25%
100,000–149,000 points 80% 25%
150,000–200,000 points 100% 25%

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