Here’s a new one – KOHO targeting gamers with 5% cash back

Here’s a new angle for accelerated card earn, KOHO the prepaid Visa card issuer has come out with a KOHO Gamer account. This new account will award 5% cash back on purchases made via gaming platforms. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time gaming platforms are being featured as a category to earn more. True there might be some overlap from other cards that offer accelerators on streaming and/or digital services but I don’t how many of those cover Playstation, Xbox, Twitch, Steam and Nintendo.

The KOHO Gamer version of their prepaid card is free just like their other cards and on top of the 5% earning for gaming platform purchases the card will earn 1% cash back for eating and drinking and 0.5% on all other spending. If you buy a lot in game purchases or digital versions of games to download onto your console this is a card avenue you may really want to look at. That is unless you have a card like the American Express Cobalt Card and are buying platform gift cards at grocery stores to earn 5 points per dollar (5%+ return). If that’s not you though or you can be bothered to take that extra step you are exactly who KOHO is targetting with this new version of their card. 

To take advantage of this new offering you must signup with the code “KOHOGAMER” and then your account will be eligible for 5% cashback on their purchase on
gaming platforms (instead of 0.5% cashback on all purchases through
activating a regular account). You will also get instant and secure spending with your virtual card once you have it funded plus a free spending and savings account with no hidden fees.

They do provide one disclaimer:

GAMER DISCLAIMER: This acts as a separate
KOHO Gamer account as people who sign up with the KOHOGAMER code will
get specific access to 5% cash back on gaming purchases and 1% on eating
and drinking but will not get the .5% cash back
on all spending. Once a user signs up with the KOHOGAMER code there
isn’t a way to reverse those triggers, they would then have to sign up
again with a different email address and phone number to get the
standard account.

What this means is that you can’t switch your gamer account to one of their regular accounts. You would need to apply again with different credentials. So keep this in mind if you getting to the point where you may be ‘retiring’ from being a gamer. 

Click here to learn more about and apply for KOHO’s new Gamer Account