AIR MILES Bonus Boom Boost starts today – earn up to 800 bonus miles + be entered to win up to 1 million miles

 Not only did AIR MILES launch their new AIR MILES Flights booking platform today (read our coverage in Part 1 and Part 2) they also launched Bonus Boom Boost today! This is an expanded take on their usual Bonus Boom promotions as the stakes are higher – that is bigger bonuses, a longer period to earn those bonuses and a chance to win up to 1 Million Reward Miles!

You’ll notice  Bonus Boom Boost is similar to the old AIR MILES Mega Miles events as there are multiple stages of bonuses available rather than the standard Bonus Boom collect 3 and earn 95 miles offer.

 Here are the bonus offers with AIR MILES Bonus Boom Boost: 

  • Get 400 Bonus Miles when you use 4 different offers 
  • Get 600 Bonus Miles when you use 6 different offers 
  • Get 800 Bonus Miles when you use 8 different offers

This time you do have to collect at least 4 different offers instead of 3 however the bonus much bigger if you do. Of course if you get to higher level the bonus grows even more where you can earn up to 800 miles. These bonuses are on top of the bonuses that are awarded from each individual offer and most of those offers are available until December 27, 2021. Just like the last few versions of Bonus Boom it does appear that the overall bonus is based on earning separate offers not earning from separate partners. That means you could potentially earn the bonus all from one merchant like Sobeys or Shell who do have multiple offers available.

To find your offers you will have to sign in and the Bonus
Boom Boost page will automatically show you all the offers in your region that
you are eligible for. Some are automatic while many others require you 
to opt in. So be sure to log in to your AIR MILES account on the Bonus
Boom Boost page to see what offers are there and then opt-in to as many as you

Here are some of the examples (for an Alberta based collector)

As you can see there are some pretty easy ones to achieve like the new Card Linked offers, Samsung Pay and shopping online via (wait to shop online until Nov. 19 to earn even more miles)

On top of the bonus miles portion of Bonus Boom Boost there is also a contest that is part of the promotion. There will be five prizes in total, one of 1 Million Miles for one member nationwide and four of 250,000 miles split between four regions (Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Western Canada). Every collector earns one entry for each Bonus Boom Boost offer they complete. If you hold Gold status your entries will be doubled, Onyx status will see entries tripled while American Express AIR MILES cardholders will have their entries multiplied by 5! 

Learn more about Bonus Boom Boost and check out your offers here