Receive up to a 15% bonus when you convert HSBC Rewards (Canada) points to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer has brought back their bonus for transferring bank rewards points (ie credit card) to their program. For us here in Canada this means HSBC Rewards and the bonus ranges from 12% to 15% depending on how many points you transfer to KrisFlyer. So this is a little different than when they ran it at the end of last year/beginning of this year as that time it was a flat 15% instead of a tiered bonus. The transfer window is also smaller this time as you only have until November 22 to make a transfer, though SQ did extend it last year so it is possible it will be extended this time as well.

 The bonus is broken down as follows:

  • Earn 12% bonus miles when you convert between 10,000 to 49,999 miles in a single qualifying transaction OR 
  • Earn 15% bonus miles when you convert 50,000 miles or more in a single qualifying transaction.

As you can see the best bonus is when you convert enough points in one transaction that you’ll receive 50,000 KrisFlyer Miles. With HSBC Rewards points in Canada you have to convert a minimum of
25,000 points and that amount points will net you 9,000 KrisFlyer Miles. This means you would need to convert at least 150,000 HSBC Rewards points to get 54,000 KrisFlyer Miles posted in one transaction. If you did that amount Singapore Airlines will add 15% to it for a total of 62,100 miles.

This bonus is being offered
by Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer not HSBC so you will not find it on the
HSBC Rewards website when you login.

In general this offer isn’t as lucrative or as appealing for most
Canadians but there are definitely some of you who big time users of the
KrisFlyer program (I mean it is the best for accessing Singapore
Airlines premium class awards) who could really utilize this promotion! And chances are some of you jumped on last year’s version of HSBC’s 100K on the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard® (which is back right now btw) so you may have enough points to transfer at that 15% level.  Now if you happen to have a U.S.
based card like I know some of you do this promotion also counts for Capital One, Citibank, American Express and Chase cards issued in the
U.S. so that can even be considered.

Click here for complete details on this transfer bonus