Thursday, October 14, 2021

Receive a 50% discount when you buy Hilton Honors points

has returned with yet another buy points offer! This time instead of being their usual 100% bonus they have opted for a 50% discount. This is basically the same deal price wise but unless you need to buy points right now for a planned award redemption I would wait to buy. You may ask why wait if the price is the same as when it is a 100% bonus? The reason why is your annual purchase limit. Hilton caps the amount of points you can buy at 80,000 per year but that doesn’t include any bonus points on purchases. Since this is a discount offer if you buy the maximum of 80,000 points you get 80,000 points but pay for 40,000. When they run a 100% bonus you buy 80,000 points and get 160,000. Or buy 40,000 to get the same 80,000 and still have the ability to buy 40,000 more later on – so ultimately you can earn more points when it is a bonus versus a discount.

Now granted, this offer is running until December 7 so there is a good possibility this may be the last buy points offer from Hilton for this calendar year and those limits won’t matter as it will reset for everyone on January 1st but given that Hilton almost always has a buy points bonus running I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them have a Boxing Day sale or something like that right before the end of the year. At least there is some time for you to decide though since this offer is running for a longer duration.

With this 50% discount you are paying US$ 0.5 cents per point which is a decent price. With the ability to easily redeem at values of 0.8 cents or more you can see where buying Hilton Honors points can make sense.

Offer details:
Receive a 50% discount when you buy 7,000 to 80,000 Hilton Honors points online.  Buy points here  Until Dec 7, 21

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