Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Earn 7x Aeroplan Points for Apple Store purchases made by October 14

Aeroplan has brought back their 7x points offer for shopping online with Apple! This works for eligible online purchases, even those you pick up in store! This is how I used to do all my Apple purchases, buy online and pick up typically within 2-3 hours at the Apple store all the while earning tons of Aeroplan points (plus the points or miles earned on the credit card!). Now with the pandemic however I have had my Apple orders shipped to my home but I wanted to let you know you do have the option of doing the in store pick up. 

Personally I was really looking forward to this offer however the items that we want to buy just happen to be on the list of items that are excluded from earning points. FYI those items are basically the newest and hottest items from Apple.  This offer is available until October 14.

Learn more about this offer here.


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