Air Canada partners with Switch Health to offer portable self-administered COVID-19 tests


Air Canada has announced a new partnership with Canadian healthcare company Switch Health to offer comprehensive travel testing options including self administered COVID-19 tests. The various test options are portable and can be taken by travelers to anywhere they are traveling to. As part of the partnership between the airline and Switch, Aeroplan members receive discounted pricing and and can earn points on the kit purchases.

The Aeroplan preferred pricing and points earning are as follows:

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Package of 2 tests)
$79 and earns 500 Aeroplan points

$149 and earns 500 Aeroplan points
This is the kit you require for travelling back to Canada

COVID-19 RT-PCR Collection Kit
$159 and earn 1,000 Aeroplan points 

Members will also be able redeem their Aeroplan points through the eStore to cover the cost of the test kits.

26,900 points for a $159 kit –
not the best value but at least you have the option

You can also earn Aeroplan points on COVID-19 Testing done at Switch Health clinics in Toronto and Halifax:

Pricing and points earning for in-clinic testing


Click here to learn more about and to order kits from Switch Health


Images via Switch Health