Receive up to an 80% bonus when you buy Aeroplan points

Aeroplan has brought back a buy points bonus for
the next couple of weeks. This tiered offer sees bonuses once again ranging
from 50% to 80% dependent on how many points you buy. This offer runs
until October 11 and allows members to buy up to 350,000 points per
transaction up to the annual limit of 1 million points. If you buy 5,000 to 19,000 points you’ll earn a 50% bonus, 20,000 to 55,000 points
will earn a 60% bonus, 60,000 to 105,000 points earns 70%  and 110,000+ will earn the 80% bonus.

If you buy points at the 80% level, which kicks in at a much higher 110,000 or more points this time (last time it was 60K points) your cost on each point is 1.67 cents (C$) each before
taxes. We value Aeroplan points at a minimum of 1.5 cents each so it
wouldn’t make sense to buy them for the minimum level redemption but if
you recall we
have showed redemption examples of 1.72 cents (for economy class) and 4.35
cents (for business class). In the case of the business class redemption it would make sense
to buy points as you would end up saving quite a bit of cash!

Offer details:
Earn up to an 80% bonus when you buy Aeroplan points Click here to learn more and to buy points
Valid until Oct 11, 21

Buy 5,000 – 19,000 points, receive a 50% bonus

Buy 20,000 – 55,000 points, receive a 60% bonus

Buy 60,000 – 105,000 points, receive a 70% bonus

Buy 110,000+ points, receive a 80% bonus