Join the waitlist for the revamped American Express Gold Rewards card and earn 5,000 additional points when you get the card

Update: The waitlist form is now up and running!

Update: Please wait to sign up as Amex is updating the landing page – we’ll update this post once we know the new form is up.

Last Thursday we brought you the details of the revamped American Express Gold Rewards Card. In that post we mentioned that a waitlist offer would be available on the card soon. Well that offer is here and it is 5,000 additional points over and above whatever the new welcome bonus offer will be when the card is brought back into the market.

To receive the bonus points you must join the waitlist between today (September 7) and September 20. Then you will receive an email from American Express letting you know when you can apply for the card. Follow the instructions in the email and apply for the card by the date provided and if you are approved you’ll receive those 5,000 additional points. That’s all there is to it!


There is no harm in joining the waitlist if you are unsure about the newly revamped card and don’t end up going for it. At least you know you have the option to and you can get those extra points should you go ahead and get the card. Advertisement

Click here to join the waitlist (or here if that link doesn’t work)