RBC Avion to British Airways Executive Club transfer bonus has returned!


The transfer bonus to British Airways Executive
Club for RBC Avion cardholders has made a come back after a long hiatus! Last seen in November/December of 2019 when the bonus was 50% (see our post here) it has now returned for the next month and half albeit with a 30% boost. This is the bonus level we had become accustomed from about 2015/16 on as prior to that it was almost always 50%. Even though it is only 30% this time it is still a very good offer to consider taking advantage of.

The offer is for all of you RBC Avion cardholders (Infinite, Infinite Privilege, Platinum, Business Commerical etc.) and runs until September 24. Despite being at 30% this time this
promotion is still an amazing deal as BA Avios are a great option
for flights to
Asia (via Cathay Pacific), short to medium haul flights within North America on Alaska Airlines and American Airlines can be had for 9,000 Avios each way and as we just recently posted about again – the option to fly between Toronto and Dublin for as little as 26,000 Avios round-trip. That means with this bonus you only need 20,000 RBC Rewards points to get that 26,000 Avios. Compare this to the 65,000 points RBC requires to redeem for on ticket to Europe with their air redemption schedule! You can get three tickets to Dublin for less than that with this promotion!

As always though with any frequent flyer program
you will have to be flexible in your options when redeeming due to seat
availability issues (ie it may be hard to get tickets to Europe in
Summer etc.) so take this into consideration before transferring. 

If you don’t have an Avion card yet you can actually still get in on this transfer bonus as right now the suite of Avion cards including the RBC Avion Visa Infinite and RBC Avion Visa Platinum Card are all offering an elevated welcome bonus of 35,000 RBC Rewards Points that are awarded upon approval. That means as soon as you are approved and activate your card those points should post to your account. Transfer those 35,000 points with the bonus and you’ll have yourself 45,500 British Airways Executive Club Avios. 

Learn more about the transfer bonus here once you log in to your RBC Rewards account


Image via British Airways