New Hilton Honors promo: Double points on all stays from Sep 7 to Dec 31


Hilton provided us with details of the next systemwide promotion for
the Hilton Honors program. This new offer launches the day after the
current promo ends so there is no gap at all where you won’t be able to
earn extra points on your Hilton stays. This promotion is called Power
Up and it rewards 2x points on all stays for those members who have
registered for the promotion. If you hold an eligible Hilton Honors
credit card* you will earn 3x points on all those stays instead of
double and you’ll still earn all the points that your card awards for
that spend. For most Canadians we’ll be stuck with the 2x points since we don’t have a Hilton Honors co-brand card here but if you are playing the U.S. credit card game and happen to have one of their Hilton co-brand Amex cards you’ll earn the 3x points. You can register and book now for stays from September 7 to
December 31, 21

Offer details:

Earn up to Triple Honors Points per stay at all participating Hilton
Hotels Worldwide. All members will earn Double Points on stays, those
who hold eligible Hilton Honors credit cards will earn triple points.  Click here for more details, to register for the offer and to book your Hilton stays (Registration is required for this promotion) Sep 7 – Dec 31, 21

*Eligible Hilton Honors Credit Cards include Hilton Honors American Express Card, Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card, Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, Hilton Honors American Express Business Card,
Hilton Honors Visa Classic Sumitomo Card, Hilton Honors Visa Gold
Sumitomo Card, Hilton Honors Visa Platinum Sumitomo Card, Hilton Honors
American Express Premium Card, Hilton Honors Platinum Barclaycard and
Hilton Honors Credit Card issued by Deutsche Kreditbank AG.

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