American Express Front of the Line is gearing up for a return to live events!

American Express has recently been sending out numerous emails letting cardmembers know that American Express Experiences and Front of the Line are set to return for live events. If you you are a first time Amex cardmember who just got their card during the pandemic when FOTL wasn’t running or are unfamiliar with FOTL it essentially  allows American Express Cardmembers to enjoy exclusive
access to ticket presales and reserved seating offers for concerts,
musicals, shows and much more. During the pandemic FOTL switched to offering and still do offer access to virtual events but come this fall that all changes as live events are set to return.

In fact in the latest email, which just came today (July 20, 2021) the program now has tickets up for grabs for select concerts and events like The Sam Roberts Band, Letterkenny, Big Wreck Monster Truck and more

 You can visit this page to see all of the tickets that are currently available via FOTL.

Front of the Line is a benefit our family has used extensively over the years to go to some of the biggest concerts from Lady Gaga and Katie Perry to the Tragically Hip farewell tour. For us however two things have slowed down our use of FOTL. One was the pandemic and the second has been a shift in our kids  their taste in music changing as they have gotten older. This has actually been going on for 4 or 5 years so our use of Front of the Line has dwindled a bit since then. Our kids have become big fans of hip hop and other genres of music but not your mainstream stuff. It’s more the underground independent artists who tend not to make it to Front of the Line. In fact our girls are excited to return to the concert scene this fall as they recently bought tickets to see Yung Gravy.  

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Perhaps that’s something Amex’s Front of the Line team could look into – connecting with the smaller promoters and venues to offer tickets to these concerts as I’m sure there’s a proportion of Amex cardholders (or parents who have the cards) who would love to have pre-sale access to! That being said we did purchase these next concert tickets with our Marriott Bonvoy American Express card since it earns 2 points per dollar on everyday purchases such as this one. 

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All in all I am super happy to see Front of the Line re-emerging and I am excited to see what they will bring as there are always some great concert and entertainment options available through the program. Personally we may not use it as much as we used to but I do keep my eye on it all the time just in case the right event comes along. If FOTL interests you but you don’t have an American Express card yet do know that all American Express cards issued in Canada have access to this benefit.

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