This weekend American Express will donate $1 to the United Way for every $1 spent when you Shop Small


You can use your American Express card this weekend and feel good about doing so! Well, that is, feeling even better than you should thanks to the great rewards you are already receiving. From June 18th to 20th American Express will donate $1 to the United Way for each $1 spent at their Shop Small merchants. They will donate up to $100,000 so I think that number could be easily be reached on the first day alone!

Shop Small is American Express’ program for your non-major retailers in Canada (and globally as well) who accept American Express. These are your mom and pop shops, small local chains etc. Not your big box stores like Wal-Mart and Sobeys. So not only does this weekend’s promotion support the United Way it also helps support your small local businesses and you’ll find that everyday more and more of these small business do accept American Express. 

If you aren’t totally familiar with Shop Small or are wanting to find out which of these small merchants do accept American Express check out our step by step guide to the American Express Shop Small Program.

I’m pretty sure this won’t be the only Shop Small promotion we see from American Express in the coming months. We typically see a summer promotion that offers statement credits for shopping at their Shop Small retailers and I know the promotion is live in the U.K. right now and a lot of time we follow suit not too long after them. So fingers crossed we see that offer in the near future!

Click here to learn more about this incentive and to  see where you can shop small 

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