Tuesday, May 11, 2021

HSBC makes applying for their credit cards and bank accounts easier with HSBC EasyID

When HSBC ran their amazing offer to earn 100,000 bonus points for their HSBC World Elite Mastercard in late 2020 there was one issue that some of our readers brought to our attention several times. That issue was that HSBC wanted some applicants to confirm and complete their applications in branch. Well this could be a difficult task for many considering a lot of people were staying home due to the pandemic and did not want to venture to a bank in person. It also proves to be a difficult task on another whole regard in which one of readers pointed out - HSBC doesn't have a lot of branches spread out across Canada for people to go to. In fact our reader stated the closest branch to him was 7 hours away - yes that would be quite a drive to do on its own right let alone during the pandemic! The good news is right around that time HSBC began testing an new application process which has now been fully implemented and available to all applicants.

Called HSBC EasyID, the system utilizes technology to confirm your identity by submitting a scan of a photo id and then taking a selfie to match up with that id!

Here is the process in detail as provided to us by HSBC:

With HSBC EasyID, start and finish your account application digitally, within a few minutes.  Plus, you can verify your identity instantly while completing your Online Application – no need to visit our branch.
Before you start, you’ll need to have one of the following pieces of I.D. on-hand (make sure the I.D you are using hasn’t expired):
•    Passport
•    Driver’s License or
•    Provincial government Issued I.D.
How it works:
On your web browser:
1.    Enter your information
2.    You’ll then be asked to switch to your mobile phone to continue your application by validating your identity with one of the pieces of I.D above
3.    Take a picture of the I.D you are providing (make sure you give access to take pictures when promoted)
4.    Capture a selfie or short video and upload it
5.    You’ll then be prompted to go back to your desktop to answer a few more question and complete the application
On your mobile device:
1.    Enter your information
2.    Take a picture of the I.D you are providing (make sure you give access to take pictures when promoted)
3.    record a short selfie video and upload it
4.    Answer a few more questions to complete the application

This is perfect timing to have this system fully in place now that HSBC has revealed an increased welcome offer on their  HSBC World Elite Mastercard of up to 70,000 bonus points that runs until September 27. So if you have been on the fence about getting this card based on reports that HSBC was having people go in branch to complete their applications you can now rest easy and go for it since you can complete the application from start to finish from the comfort of your own home. 

HSBC EasyID is available for the following HSBC products:

Chequing accounts:
- HSBC Premier
- HSBC Advance
- HSBC Performance Chequing-Unlimited
- HSBC Performance Chequing-Limited

Savings accounts
- High Rate Savings Account

Credit Cards
- HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®
- HSBC +Rewards™ Mastercard®
- HSBC Mastercard®

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