Best Western Rewards – Earn a $20 Best Western gift card for each night you stay (up to 5 nights total)

Best Western‘s next major promotion is out and it’s a pretty good one. You’ll also notice it’s the exact same as one of the elite offers that were available last week in BW’s Choose Your Own Adventure offers. The offer that came out of those to become available to all Best Western Rewards members is the $20 Best Western Gift Card for each night you stay for up to 5 nights. Those five nights do not have to be consecutive. You can have 5 one night stays, 2 two night and 1 one night and so on. The only thing missing from this general promotion from all members that the elite’s got last week is the 5,000 bonus after every 5 nights. So hopefully if you do hold BWR Elite Status you registered during last week’s offer as that closed on May 16.  
Back to this offer for all members you simply need to register to take advantage of it and then you’ll earn the $20 Best Western Gift Card for each night you stay between May 17 and September 6. You’ll want to note however that since the Gift Card is a bonus (you’re not buying it outright) they have an expiry date on them and that is November 30, 2021. So take this into account if you are taking part in this promotion in that you’ll want to try to have some Best Western stays that you can use those limited time gift cards on.

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Offer details:
Receive a $20 Best Western Gift Card for each night you stay at any Best
Western branded hotel in the United States, Canada or the Caribbean.
You can earn up to 5 gift cards (5 nights)  Full details, online registration & booking (Registration is required) Until Sep 6, 21

For residents of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands only

Gift cards expire on November 30, 21

Remember to pay for your Best Western stays with the MBNA Best Western Mastercard to earn 5 BWR points per dollar spent! I also recommended reading our MBNA Best Western Mastercard Review