Monday, April 26, 2021

AIR MILES Bonus Boom returns on May 13 - earn 95 bonus miles when you use three different Bonus Boom offers


AIR MILES and BMO sent out a teaser email about the return of the AIR MILES Bonus Boom. This promotional event now seems to appear almost every month with the last one just ending on April 14! Once again it will be the standard 95 bonus AIR MILES Reward Miles when you utilize offers from three different partners between May 13 and May 26, 2021.

 One of the offers will provide 100 bonus AIR MLES when you opt-in and spend $250 at one partner (I'm assuming you have to use a BMO AIR MILES card for these 100 bonus miles - this offer is also double the miles and $100 less than we saw with the April version so it better this time). Learn more about Bonus Boom here. (The website has not been updated yet since the last promotion)

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