WestJet secures slots for London Heathrow flights

News came out over the past week about the allocation of coveted new slots for flying to London’s Heathrow airport and Canada’s WestJet was one of the airlines that was awarded some of them. We haven’t seen an official announcement from WestJet just yet but according to Canadian Aviation News WestJet received 732 slots which means they could operate 28 flights per week which further translates to 2 daily flights. Here’s a further description from Canadian Aviation News:

WestJet obtained slots to London Heathrow for daily flights to
Calgary and Vancouver. The Canadian carrier was allocated 732 slots,
allowing it to start services as soon as May 1. Currently, the low-cost
Canadian airline has slots at neighboring Gatwick that allow four daily
services a day to Calgary, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver. It is unknown
whether WestJet will utilize Heathrow instead of Gatwick.

The flights will operate from Terminal 2. From Heathrow’s Terminal
Finder tool, it displays a slot for a 9 a.m. arrival and 11 a.m.
departure for Vancouver service and 11:20 a.m. arrival and 1:20 p.m.
departure for Calgary service.

Now a lot of times these allocations don’t mean the airline will actually use them so for the time being we can hope WestJet will launch these flights but with the current travel restrictions in place these flights may not happen anytime soon.