Scotiabank Gold American Express Card Review


Ranked as the number one travel points credit card with an annual fee  in Canada, the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card  was last reviewed by Rewards Canada in 2015, some three years after it was introduced in 2012. It
was the first American Express card issued by a bank other than Amex
Bank of Canada since CIBC tried the partnership in 2002. The card
underwent some massive changes in 2019 so it is really due for a new
updated review here on Rewards Canada!

If you want to see what the old card was like read our Scotiabank Gold American Express Card Review (Old 2015 version)

The Scotiabank Gold American Express Card
is the middle of a suite of three American Express cards issued by
Scotiabank and is by far the most popular version of the trio. When
launched they took hints of their own Momentum Visa Infinite Cash Back
card which has some very high category spend bonuses and applied them
these suite of cards. Depending on how you use the card it can be give
you a return of 1% to as high as 5% on travel rewards. The card(s) fall
into our Travel Points With Annual Fee category, which means points are
earned into the credit card issuer’s proprietary reward program. It gets
further categorized as a Travel Anywhere card which means you don’t
have to book via Scotia Rewards Travel if you don’t want to, you can
book any travel how you want when you want and when the charge shows up
on your statement you can redeem points against the charge. The two
other versions of the Scotiabank American Express cards are a no fee Standard  version and a higher cost Platinum  version.

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