One week left for the best ever offer on the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard: 450 dollars + a $0 companion fare

For just over a month we have the seen the best offer yet on the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard and this is a reminder there is only one week left to score this great deal. The offer might be prime for the picking right now for some of our readers who are excited about the news that came out today from WestJet on how they are going to restart flights to Charlottetown, Fredericton, Moncton, Sydney and Quebec City and resume flights between Toronto and St. John’s.

 The offer if you don’t know about it sees a
limited time $0 companion voucher and up to 450 WestJet dollars. This
combo offer will only be around until March 31 at which time know the $0
companion voucher will remain on offer but the bonus dollars will drop.
We don’t know to what amount exactly but have confirmation from WestJet
that it won’t be 450. Do note that to get the 450 WestJet dollars you do have to be able to spend $5,000 on the card in
the first three months of having it.

cardholders who apply and are approved for the card will receive a
companion voucher where you will only have to pay the taxes, fees and
charges on economy class bookings for WestJet flights in Canada, to the
U.S., Caribbean or Mexico. That means the majority of WestJet’s network
is covered by this voucher. The only destinations not included are their
Transatlantic routes to Europe. Cardholders can also choose to use the
voucher for premium or Transatlantic bookings and pay the standard $119
to $399 fee. The voucher must be used within one year of card open date
which is the same rule that we have become accustomed for the regular
vouchers that comes on this card.

If you choose to use it to on
flights to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico this new promotional voucher
provides the cardholder with an additional savings of $399 as that is
the typical fee when using vouchers to those destinations. Add this to
the 450 WestJet dollars you can earn for spending $5,000 on the card in
the first three months and you have no less than $730 in value ($849 –
$119 annual fee). I say ‘no less’ as that’s not taking into the savings
already provided by the voucher on the actual ticket price. For example
if you book a flight to the Caribbean which is $500 per person before
taxes and fees that second voucher is saving you the full $500. On top
of that you can always look at getting a second card in your household,
especially if you travel as a group of four or more as you’ll can take
advantage of using two vouchers. (see Why my wife and I each grabbed our own WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercards)

you’ll want to apply for the card between now and March 31 so you can score the 450 WestJet dollars. However if that $5,000 spend requirement is out of reach for you then wait until April 1st. You can apply for the card at that time, get the companion voucher and most likely get 250 Westjet dollars on your first purchase (like we typically see on the card) or perhaps they’ll go in between and offer 350 WestJet dollars for maybe something like $3,000 in spending. We’ll be sure to let you know what the offer is come April 1st

Apply for the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard here