Wednesday, February 3, 2021

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard Review


The President's Choice Financial World Elite Mastercard is the flagship card for the PC Optimum program which is the loyalty program for the Loblaw family of stores that include Loblaw, Real Canadian Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart to name the least.
PC Financial is the banking branch of the Loblaw group of companies and they offer three different credit cards, all of which are unique in that they all don't have an annual fee attached to them.

The PC Financial World Elite Mastercard is the top end flagship card for the PC Optimum program and provides the best earn rates of the trio of cards offered by the banking arm of the Loblaw conglomerate. Being a World Elite Mastercard the card also offers the most benefits and best insurance package of the three cards. It is technically a cash back credit card since the points earned can only be redeemed for cash discounts at the till at the selection of Loblaw stores and that make the card a favourite for PC Optimum fans. It definitely fills the niche for those who do shop a lot within the Loblaw family of stores. However by being tied into the PC Optimum program you are limited on the redemption side of things and if Shoppers Drug Mart or Real Canadian Superstore aren't your cup of tea this card will not be of much use to you. Having no annual fees the card does not have nearly as many bells and whistles as World Elite Mastercards that do charge a fee, namely in the insurance category.

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