New Aeroplan Buy Miles offers – 40% bonus when you buy for yourself, 80% bonus when you gift to someone else

Air Canada’s Aeroplan only got into the open market buy miles game about a year ago but in that short time they have made a name for themselves by offering some great promotions for those who have looked to buy. For Valentine’s Day this year Aeroplan has brought out a new offer, well two offers, one for those who are buying miles for themselves and one if you buy miles (gift) for someone else. These offers are available until February 14.

If you buy miles for yourself they will award you a 40% bonus. At this bonus level you are buying each for 2.14 cents C$ and that’s before taxes:

 While there are lots of potential flight rewards where you can easily pull more value than 2.14 cents per point I personally wouldn’t be a buyer at this rate. I typically like to see Aeroplan buy points offers that are under 2 cents a piece, at that price it can be worth buying. So if you are like then the next offer they have could be attractive if you have someone else in your household or family account that you can buy miles for.

The other offer Aeroplan has is an 80% bonus when gift miles to someone – this is the same as buying miles except they aren’t for posting into your own account but into someone else’s account. This is where the family accounts will come in handy as even though you would be buying for someone else you technically have access to this bigger bonus for yourself:


As you can see for the same price as the 40% offer you are buying 270,000 points instead of 210,000. This works out to 1.67 cents C$ per point. While it isn’t as low as some of the pricing we saw in 2020 it is still a really good price to be buying points. Definitely something to take into consideration if you have had your eye on topping up your account, well family account for some future award flights.

Learn more about these offers here.