It’s time to pick your Aeroplan Elite Status Select Benefits


A new year means a new cycle to elite status benefits and the most prevalent in Canada happens to be Air Canada Aeroplan’s Elite Status. If you hold status with Aeroplan that means you get to pick your select benefits for the year now. The benefits you get to select over and above your standards benefits depends on which level of Aeroplan status you hold. Those are as follows:

As you can see all members get to select 3 additional benefits to have added to their accounts and the higher the status you have the more options you have to choose from.

Picking your benefits is quite simple, all you have to do is log in to your Aeroplan account online or on the app to choose your benefits:

The first will be your selection of two benefits from bundle one:

Then you’ll select one benefit from bundle two: 

 Which will then lead you to your summary of selections and confirmation screen:


As it shows on this last screen once you confirm your selection you cannot change your choice of benefits so make sure you are all set and happy with your choices prior to clicking that confirm button.

In your account you’ll also see that the new Status Pass benefit will be available come March. This is a core benefit provided to 50K and up elite members but is also an option for select benefits to get more of them. The Status Pass allow members to share select elite status benefits for up to 9 people travelling on one reservation.

A big thanks to our resident Super Elite reader Dat N. for providing screen shots for his elite status benefits.  Dat by the way  chose 50 E-upgrades, 100% bonus points and the 2,500 Status Qualifying Miles for flights pass activities. To all of our other Elite readers What did you end up choosing and why? Tell us in the comments below

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