Choice Privileges: Double Points on all Choice Hotels stays in Canada (and beyond)


It is nice to see Choice Hotels changing up their systemwide bonus
promotions as they have pretty much cycled through the stay twice get up
to 8,000 points offer for the better part of a couple years now. Their
newest systemwide promo sees the program offering double points on all
stays worldwide (save for a few countries*) from January 18 to February
28. No need to complete to two stays as the points are awarded on all
eligible stays including a single night stay. They do cap the maximum
number of bonus points you can earn at 30,000 during the promotional

For those of us here in Canada it pretty much means for stays in Canada as so few us are travelling outside of our borders. 

Offer details:

Double Privilege Points on all eligible stays at participating Choice Hotels Worldwide. Full details, online registration & booking. (Registration is required) Jan 18 – Feb 28, 21

* Countries are excluded from this promotion: Japan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.