American AAdvantage gifting free miles or upgrades plus offering bonuses on flights


Calling all American AAdvantage members! Be sure to log in to your account today and take part in their “It’s a Gift! From American, to: AAdvantage Members” promotion. The promotion is giving all members who register for it some free miles, not a lot, 100 to 250 miles or upgrades (but hey it’s something and it should keep your account active longer) and also the opportunity to earn double AAdvantage miles on American Airlines flights in January and February. I know the latter promotion will not appeal to many but maybe you are snowbird planning on heading down to the U.S. and are an American Airlines flyer so in that case it may work for you if you haven’t booked your flights yet.


For the gift as a basic member I received 100 miles but elite members seem to be getting different offers from 250 miles to upgrade offers. For the flight promotion it seems basic members receive double miles while elites seem to be getting more upgrade offers and some bonus miles. 

To take advantage of the American AAdvantage gift log into your account on and then click on the promotions tab where you’ll see an offer to register and unwrap your gift.

Here’s a screenshot of the offer I received (of course being in Canada the contest part of this promotion does not count)

And the miles being deposited to my account right away:

Images via American Airlines