You can buy yourself oneworld elite status with Finnair’s latest buy points offer of up to 100% bonus points + 25% bonus tier points

 Finnair launched their best ever buy points bonus today – and while Finnair Plus’ program is one that most Canadians don’t think about as they only have seasonal flights out of Toronto – the airline is part of the oneworld alliance so this offer may be of use to some oneworld flyers.

What makes the offer worthy of its own post beyond our typical listing of it in our bonus offer pages (Rewards Canada does have a Finnair Plus bonus points page here) is the bonus tier points portion of it. Right now when you buy Finnair Plus points you can receive up to 100% bonus Plus Points AND 25% bonus tier points. Here’s where things get interesting – the 25% bonus tier points is on the entire amount you receive from buying points – that is the base amount plus the bonus. So if you buy150,000 Finnair Plus Points you’ll end up with 300,000 points and 75,000 Tier Points! Those 75,000 Tier Points will automatically give you Finnair Plus Silver Status which provides oneworld Ruby status and you would only be 5,000 Tier Points shy of Gold and 75,000 shy of Platinum. Both of which you can achieve with this buy points offer. How so? Read on…

Finnair Plus is one of a handful of programs around the world that let you convert award points to Tier Points. That conversion ratio is 3 to 1 in their program, so you can 15,000 of the award points you just bought (if you bought the full 150,000) and convert them 5,000 Tier Points thus giving you 80,000 Tier Points in total and Finnar Plus Gold Status which is oneworld Sapphire. Or you can covert 225,000 of the points you just bought which would give you 75,000 more Tier Points added to the 75,000 you got with the promotion. Ta-da you now have 150,000 Finnair Plus Tier Points and oneworld Emerald status.

 Here are what each of the oneworld status levels gets you (Click to make larger):


If you do buy the maximum amount Finnair Plus points with this offer you are buying the points at 0.64 EUR cents each. That maximum amount 150,000 points (+150,000 points & 75,000 Tier Points) would set you back just over C$3,000. So you have to ask yourself – will you be travelling enough to make use of the benefits which is primarily lounge access, priority check-in and priority boarding. But you also have points to redeem for flights – for example after transferring to get Emerald status you would still have 75,000 points left over which you can redeem for economy class round trip flights in North America including Mexico on Alaska Airlines or American Airlines.  Remember Alaska Airlines is also set to become a oneworld partner in March of next year so these benefits would extend to flights with them.

The big question however boils down to what your travels may look like in 2021 and whether you can make use of these benefits. I honestly don’t know if any one of our readers will actually bite on this offer but I did want to out it there since it is an option for getting elite status. I guess one more perk is the possibly of getting this status matched from other airlines as well – I personally would try from Finnair to Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles first so that you can get Star Alliance status.

Offer details:
Up to 100% Bonus Plus Points & 25% bonus tier points when you buy points. Buy points here.

  • Buy 5,000–49,000 award points = Get 60% bonus points
  • Buy 50,000–99,000 award points = Get 80% bonus points
  • Buy 100,000–150,000 award points = Get 100% bonus points

HT: LoyaltyLobby