LAST DAY! The best ever bonus for buying Marriott Bonvoy points has returned – 60% until November 25



The best ever bonus for buying Marriott Rewards points
has returned The bonus is 60% when you buy 2,000 or more points in one
transaction. Marriott has also increased the annual limit for buying
points to 150,000 for the duration of the promotion.

 Here is an example of the cost of buying 150,000 points:

As you can see you’ll be buying points at 0.78 US cents each. Most
valuations of Marriott Bonvoy points has them valued at 0.7 cents each
however that is the minimum value. There are many redemption options for
award nights where you can get much more value out of each point so
buying them right now for future travel can make a lot of sense. Even
for domestic travel you can easily pull over 1 cent per point for value.

Offer details:

Receive a 60% Bonus when you buy 2,000 or more Marriott Bonvoy Points.
The annual limit of points that can be bought per member. has been
increased to 150,000 during this promotion. Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points here. Until Nov 25, 20

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