Heads up! Fairmont will sell gift cards with a 20% bonus on November 27 from 2pm to 5pm EST

Here’s a heads up of an offer many people look forward to a couple of times per year and that’s Fairmont’s bonus on buying their gift cards. Tomorrow for Black Friday they will offer a 20% bonus on all gift cards purchased between 2pm and 5pm EST.  You can buy gift cards in $50 increments from $50 to $2,000 per card and you can buy up to 5 cards in one transaction. Say you buy a $1,000 gift card you’ll end up with $1,200 to spend at Fairmont Hotels. And as Ben S. commented on our Black Friday post for 40% off Fairmont stays it’s a perfect time to combine the two for awesome savings.

You can buy the Gift Cards here from 2pm EST tomorrow