Earn up to 10x points when you shop online via the Aeroplan eStore for Black Friday + up to an additional 5,000 points for using multiple offers


Today Aeroplan launched their annual Black Friday offers for shopping online via the Aeroplan eStore! From now until November 29 you can earn up to 10X the points when you shop online at select retailers that are partners in Aeroplan’s online shopping portal. Members can also get up to 10% off when redeeming points for merchandise via the eStore.

Here’s a snippet of just a small number of the offers:

Shopping online via the eStore also counts towards another promotion that Air Canada launched today where you can earn up to 5,000 bonus points for taking advantage of multiple offers within the program. The maximum bonus of 5,000 points comes when you complete 4 of the offers – and the eStore can count as up to 3 of those 4 requirements:

To get that fourth offer you could simply just buy points as Aeroplan is offering a 50% bonus right now to buy points!

Learn more about the eStore and the multiple offer bonus here