Air Canada Aeroplan: Earn up to an additional 5,000 points for taking part in multiple Black Friday offers

Yesterday we brought you the details of two of Air Canada’s multiple Black Friday promotions, the Aeroplan eStore bonus and the Buy Aeroplan points bonus. In the Aeroplan eStore post we mentioned another promotion that would be considered the umbrella of all of Air Canada’s Black Friday deals and that is the bonus points offer for taking part in multiple Black Friday offers. In this post we take a closer look at the multiple offer bonus.


So what is the bonus? The bonus provides extra Aeroplan points when you use 3 or more offers as set out below. You’ll receive a 500 point bonus for 2 offers,  1,500 points for 3 offers or 5,000 points for 4 or more offers. The bonuses are not cumulative – Aeroplan will award you the points in February of 2021 once all transactions are confirmed and they finalize which transaction level you reached. So what offers and/or transactions count towards the bonus. They are as follows (click to make larger)

As you can see you have numerous options to get your bonus points. Some of the easier ways are by shopping online via the eStore. Aeroplan will allow three transactions to count from the eStore but each one must be from a different retailer. So just with the eStore you can get to the 3 transaction level bonus of 1,500 points but you do have other options as well. Buying points counts but you’ll have to buy at least 2,000 points and then you’ll get a 50% bonus on top of that for 3,000 points, you can buy an Air Canada gift card for as little as $25 (and you’ll get 2 bonus Aeroplan points per dollar, 5 points if you go over $750), you can get yourself an Aeroplan credit card as that counts as one transaction or if you already have a card you can book a flight or vacation package to score the transaction. Or if you are already flying lots and booking lots of flights simply book four of them within the promotional period and you’ll score those 5,000 points. There are so many ways to reach any of the transaction levels and for the most part they are relatively easy ways to do it.

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All images via Air Canada