Radisson Rewards offering a 100% bonus on buying points – use it to save over 50% at their new Maldives resort


Radisson Rewards began offering a 100% bonus yesterday
for buying their points. With this bonus you can buy points for 0.35
cents each and they allow you to buy up to 80,000 points (160,000 with
the bonus). For many of Radisson’s hotels around the world buying this
price provides so-so value but they do have some hotels out there where
you can get some really outsized value. Most notably they recently
opened their Radisson Blu Resort Maldives where you can redeem 70,000
points per night for an overwater villa. Here is an example of a nightly
rate in December and note that the Maldives ARE OPEN to tourism with a negative COVID-19 PCR test:


If you were to pay for 2 nights at this amazing new location you would
be looking to pay US$1144.98 or 140,000 points + $43.86. You can buy
those 140,000 points with the bonus for only US$490:


This means you would pay US$533.86 for those two nights by utilizing
the buy points promotion or more than a 50% savings over paying the best
available cash rate at the hotel. That’s about as far as you can go with this buy points promotion however as you are limited to buying 80,000 points per year (160K with the bonus) however if you wanted to get more nights at this hotel or others you could always look to have your partner (if you have one) to buy points as well.

Offer details:

100% Bonus when you buy Radisson Rewards points. Buy points here Until Oct 25, 20

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