Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan buy miles mystery bonus – up a to 70% bonus

The much awaited Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan buy miles mystery bonus
for October is here. The reason why this one is so highly anticipated is
that for select members who happened to buy miles (30,000 or more)
during the summer offer will now be offered up to 70% bonus! Everyone
else including yours truly seems to have the 60% offer which is still an
amazing deal. 

At 60%  you’ll be buying Mileage Plan miles for as little as 1.72 US
cents each. If you received a different bonus from the 60 or 70% please
let us know the details in the comments below and we’ll add it to the

 Here’s an example of the savings it can provide – how about flying First Class with Emirates from Vancouver to Dubai. It is 150,000 Mileage Plan miles for one way + US$75.65

To buy this flight outright with cash would be over C$10,000  however by buying Mileage Plan miles you can cut that price by more than half:


You can buy 152,000 miles for US$2612.50 (+GST/HST) and if you add in the award flight taxes of just over US$75 you are looking at all in cost of around $3,600 to $3,700 Canadian dollars. Still a decent chunk of change but definitely a major savings of buying it outright. However for many of you it will come down to combining Mileage Plan miles earned on the MBNA Alaska Airlines Mastercard (which as we first reported comes with a $100 statement credit on top of the bonus miles right now)  with some miles that are bought via these promotions so that first class flight ends up being even cheaper.

Offer details:

Receive up to 60% Bonus Mileage Plan Miles when you buy or gift  miles. Buy Alaska Miles Here Until Oct 31, 20

Buy 3,000 – 39,000 miles, get a 50% bonus

Buy 40,000 – 100,000 miles, get a 60% bonus

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