Aer Lingus Flash Sale – Fly from Canada to Ireland for as little as $299 round trip including all fees


A day late with this offer since it actually came out yesterday but there are still about 7 hours left if you are for a last minute booking to travel to Ireland next year between January and May. Aer Lingus has a 48 hour sale for their flights between Canada and Ireland starting at $299 including all taxes and fees – and that’s for a round trip flight! You need to book by midnight tonight.

All this being said the sale is for their bare bones tickets with the most restrictions and only one carry on bag. You’ll have to pay extra if you check luggage and that starts at $54.99 for a small lighter bag each direction. So that’s where their next fare up can make more sense as it is $50 more each way and includes one checked bag up to 50lbs, advance seat selection and a complimentary meal.  

Here’s an example of the cheap no baggage fare for January:

And the same flights with the next fare up with the free bag, seat selection and meal:

As you can see it is $99.98 more for the round trip flight with the extras. If you know you are going to check luggage you will most definitely want to book this higher fare class.

Learn more about and book this offer here.