[OFFER EXPIRED] New welcome bonus of up to 60,000 TD Rewards Points with the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card


A new offer came out today for TD’s premier proprietary rewards cards, the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card. The new offer is for up to 60,000 TD Rewards Points along with first year no annual fee for the primary card and first additional card. This is a limited time offer that ends on August 16, 2021. 

This new offer is about the middle of the road for this card – better than the 20,000 points seen up until yesterday but shy of the 80,000 to 90,000 we have seen in previous promotions. I know TD is being careful here as travel cards haven’t been as popular of late thanks to the pandemic so I feel like they are testing the waters out here. I also believe they don’t want pull any potential people away from the new Aeroplan cards they will be issuing soon either but they do want to remain competitive as they have seen their competitors ramping up their travel rewards card offers. 

The offer of 60,000 points is broken down into two components whereby you’ll get 20,000 points on your first purchase made with the card and an additional 40,000 points when you spend $1,500 on the card within the first three months of having it. That’s a pretty easy spend threshold to hit as you really only have to spend $500 per month on the card.

Remember as well the card has a first year free
limited time benefit attached to it so outside of the actual spend these points come you at no cost. 60,000
points translates to $240 worth of travel credits for any travel booking
or $300 worth of travel for bookings made via Expedia For TD. However as travel isn’t on everyone’s radar right now the TD Rewards program does have some cash or cash equivalent options you can also look at utilizing. You can redeem for a cash back credit your account at a rate of 400 points equaling $1 (minimum of 10,000 points has to be redeemed) so those 60,000 points will net you $150 in cash back. There is a better option if you happen to have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews who are in university or college. TD Rewards is partnered with HigherEdPoints which is a company that facilitates the redemption of loyalty points to help pay for post secondary tuition and even for government student loans. That redemption options sees 62,500 points equaling $250. This means the 60,000 points are worth $240 via this route – yes you do have to have 62,500 to redeem but seeing that you have to spend $1,500 to get the welcome bonus you’ll have more than enough points to redeem for the HigherEdPoints option. 

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